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Mission Team 2 – Day Two: “Give”

by Lori

The nurses head out to communities within the Kabwe areas. Short of facilities and medications they are used to having available, they try to give more than just medical attention.

Mission Team 2 – Day One: “Touch”

by Lori

The nurses reflect after a long and emotionally challenging day. They realize that they have walked away with much more than just touching the lives of the children they encountered.

Mission Team 2 Arrival: “Expectations”

by Lori

Mission Team 2 arrives in Zambia, encountering a beautiful people and country. The nurses share some of their thoughts and feelings about their impressions and expectations on their first day.

Initial Experiences

by Lori

The team begins their work as they visit the teenagers of a church. Wondering what to expect as they trek into the neighborhoods of Kabwe, they jump in and discuss HIV/AIDS prevention, and get their own lesson in song and dance.