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“I have always wanted to…”

by Lori

A phrase we so often read on applications       submitted to Nurses for Africa is:  “I have always wanted to go on a mission to Africa” or ” I have wanted to do something like this forever”. Remarkably, we hear that same statement from 22 year olds all the way up to 62 year olds.  There […]

Malenga – Kid’s Day and Care Worker Appreciation

by Lori

One of the nurses’ and kids’ favorite part of the week is Kid’s Day.  There is an Aqua Park right outside of Kitwe that has large open areas of grass, three pools and a pavilion.  It is strange to find this lovely area with pools less than ten minutes away from Malenga.  The kids are […]

Malenga – Teaching

by Lori

Nurses for Africa partnered with Days for Girls this year. Days for Girls provides reusable menstrual kits.  Each kit contains several washable panti-liners, a pair of underpants, a liner to hold  the pads, a bar of soap, a washcloth and several zip-loc bags.  These items are places in colorful drawstring bags.  The teams had also […]

More Malenga

by Lori

We held three clinics in Malenga this year. Last year we had two days of clinic and had to turn some of the villagers away.  We wanted to see as many people as we could so we increased the clinic days to three.  The preparation for clinic began several days before the actual clinic.  In […]


by Lori

Malenga is one of the communities that Nurses for Africa visits.  It is the only urban area that is served by the nurses. I have been the team leader to Malenga for the past two years and would like to tell a little about it.  Malenga is along the highway to Kitwe – about 25 […]